In attendance: Jay, Max, Cam, Tom, Ben, Sophie, Lea


Absent: Net, Pedro

  • Steinbach Scholar Update
    1. Chem and G&G have nominations
    2. AOPE has asked for nominations
    3. voting will begin soon
  • Winter Meeting
    1. Feb 24, bus is delayed
    2. agenda going out tonight including additions from APO
    3. Max is handling food
  • ASA meeting March 11
    1. Jay will attend
  • Red Sox Game
    1. $20 tickets, $900 for a bus charter (WHOI-Fenway)
    2. Max will survey for interest and contact the sales rep
    3. Yankee game would be best
    4. May would be a good time
  • JP Apartment
    1. Problems with getting a key when flying in late
    2. Students should try not to fly in late
    3. Jay will see if security can know about such issues
  • Funding
    1. ODGE funds rolled over and new ones received
    2. Dept. social hours for Chem, Bio, AOPE being planned
    3. 1 funding application accepted
    4. new call for proposals (Max)
  • New Student Bonding
    1. Cramer unavailable
    2. examining other options
    3. organized team-building is needed
    4. overnight is preferred
    5. including science is preferred
    6. welcome BBQ maybe should have funding